Amouage 愛慕 Gold Woman 100ml EDP 愛慕 黃金女士




順豐包郵 Amouage Gold Woman 100ml EDP 愛慕 黃金女士 “君王的獻禮”黃金女士是扛得起這個稱號的。 作爲愛慕的開山之作,爲這個品牌的奢華風格打下了根基。傳說在這款香中可以聞到上百種名gui花香,還配上了阿曼本土TOP級的乳香,整體就是灰常宏偉氣派的花香,有種“女皇親政”的感覺。 拋去這些重量級的形容詞,這款香的本身實際是 花香+醛+皁香,灰常的輕盈柔和,比較偏古典的的一款香。不會很年輕浮躁,是沉穩優雅的,香氣濃厚不厚重,一切都恰當好處,不多一分,也不少一毫。 屬性:女香 香調:醛香花香調 前調:焚香 鈴蘭 玫瑰 中調:鳶尾根 茉莉 沒藥 後調:琥珀 檀香木 麝香 麝貓香 雪松 THE GIFT OF QUEENS Gold Woman was Sultan Qaboos' gift to queens and princesses around the world. Upon a heart brimming with precious resins, Florentine Iris and bittersweet Myrrh resplends the original Amouade, a canonical triad of Rockrose, Frankincense and Ambergris. Its dazzling radiance, speckled with luminous notes of Lily of the Valley and the delicate floralcy of a rare Jasmine from Grasse, iridesces over the unctuous animality of Civet and Musk until it suddenly disappears, eclipsed by a chypré base of Oakmoss and Patchouli. A fastuous creation, ethereal yet dense in substance, it is the epitome of immoderate luxury in the classical Omani tradition. Gold Woman is only expensive once. After that, it's priceless.

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