Amouage 愛慕 MEMOIR MAN EDP 回憶錄/羽憶男性濃香




順豐包郵 AMOUAGE 愛慕 MEMOIR MAN EDP 回憶錄/羽憶男性濃香 香調:皮革調 前調:羅勒,薄荷,苦艾 中調:薰衣草,焚香,玫瑰 後調:檀香木,愈創木,橡木苔,琥珀,香草,菸草,皮革,香根草,麝香 屬性:男香 MEMOIR MAN LUMINOUS NIGHT OF THE SOUL Nocturnal shades of spicy Basil and herbaceous Absinth cooled by an icy blast of Mint precede the mauve hues of a dry and almondy Lavender Absolute. Remains of scorched Incense tears crackle on glowing Guaiacwood embers whilst delicate drops of Rose-scented dew glisten on a somber and hieratic accord of Oakmoss and Vetiver The comforting warmth of Vanilla, a shiver of Sandalwood soaked in syrupy Amber, a hint of honeyed Tobacco enhanced by a powerful Leather and the clarity of White Musks – from the sovereign night of the soul springs a glimmer of hope. Figures of light carven out of shadows, Memoir Man is the reassuring fragrance of contemplative souls.